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Chapters Encouraged to Launch Recruitment Campaigns in Their Areas
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(From November 2015 "Benchmark" column by TSPS Executive Director DJ Kyle.)

The Recruitment Campaign was rolled out by Public Relations Chairman Jamie Gillis. The goal of the campaign is to distribute the recruitment poster and brochure to every high school college/career counselor in Texas. The high resolution digital files of both pieces are available to all TSPS chapters and members. You can have the pieces printed locally or we can do that for you and then have them shipped. We want to make this process as easy as possible so that the recruitment pieces do get distributed. Simply call the TSPS office and we will email the files or let us know quantities. TSPS funded the recruitment campaign and now we are asking the chapters to subsidize the cost to print and distribute on a local level.  

Chapter 4-Tyler has already begun the process of getting the recruitment campaign in the hands of high school counselors, and I’d like to share an email from before convention from Connor Brown (Member of the PR Committee and a Director of Chapter 4) as to how they have accomplished this …

“As far as how Chapter 4 has approached implementing the campaign locally: nothing magical, just a lot of internet research time, email communication, and patience.

Using Google, I identified the 61 public school districts located within the 10 counties that make up Chapter 4. I actually stumbled upon a free app for my iPhone called School Counselor Directory where you can search for a city or school district and it will tell you the counselors name for that district. I then cross referenced those names with information I found on each school district’s website and compiled contact information for each counselor. I then sent an introductory email to each counselor describing the campaign and asking them if they would be interested in the material. I waited about 3 weeks and then followed up with a second email to those that had not responded to the first. So far I have had a positive response from 35 of our local school districts. Over the next few weeks, Chapter 4 will be working to get these posters and pamphlets printed and delivered to these counselors. I’m hoping we can get Chapter members to hand-deliver as many of these as possible instead of just mailing them. I think this will help make an impression so the counselors will remember us when students ask about career opportunities.

In the email I also expressed Chapter 4’s interest in being involved in any Career Fair or Career Day activities the schools might have planned. We are scheduled to be at the College/Career Fair at Mineola HS. Nine other local high schools will have students attending this fair. We are also scheduled to have a table at Tyler ISD’s “Your Future Is Now” event which every 8th grade class in Tyler ISD will be attending to discover and learn about career options.

I think everybody on the Public Relations Committee did an outstanding job contributing to the creation of these materials. I’m looking forward to seeing the “unveil” at Convention as I think we have something here we can be proud of. However, as Jamie said, the ultimate success of this campaign will be dependent upon the follow through at the Chapter level to get these materials into our local schools.”

I hope the above email helps other chapters get started with their own efforts in recruiting high school students to pursue surveying as a profession. Call the TSPS office at 512-327-7871 for more details or to receive the digital files via email.