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Current or lapsed members, you must first login to the website using the box to the right - do not create a new profile. After you are logged in, go to Invoices (found in the drop down box under your profile name/photo), click on the Dues tab and then follow the instructions to renew from there.

Registered (RPLS) - A Registered Member is any person who is registered under the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act, (Article 5282c) and any amendments thereto. Registered members shall be entitled to vote and to hold any office in the Society. RPLS members also receive a full membership in the National Society of Professional Surveyors for a required $40 fee. Join Now

Associate/Surveyor in Training - An Associate or Surveyor in Training Member is any person registered as a SIT under Article 5282c may become a Surveyor in Training member. Associate memberships are for any graduate of a recognized school of higher education who intends to become a surveyor and who has not been registered under Article 5282c, or anyone who has been surveying for a minimum of four years, or who has two years of surveying experience and has completed at least two years in a recognized school of higher education. Surveyors in Training and Associate members may vote but not hold office. Join Now

Geospatial - A Geospatial Member is any person who is actively engaged in a field of practice that acquires, manages, displays, analyzes, or otherwise uses data to support geospatial activities and who either: is a graduate of a school of higher education (college level) recognized by the Board with an Associates Degree or higher in a geospatial field; has completed at least 32 semester hours of geospatial-related study at a school of higher education; holds a GIS Certification from an institute or organization recognized by the Board: or who has engaged in geospatial activities for a minimum of five years. Geospatial members shall be eligible to vote; to only hold the office of Director in the State Society; and may hold any office in a local chapter except President. Geospatial members shall be entitled to all publications received by registered members. Join Now

Student - A Student Member is any undergraduate student of a recognized school of higher education who is interested in surveying. Student members shall not be eligible to vote or hold any office in the Society or in the local chapters. Student members shall be eligible to vote and hold office in student chapters. Join Now

Retired/Inactive - A Retired/Inactive Member is a person who is no longer regularly engaged in the practice of surveying, has placed Registered Professional Land Surveyor's license on inactive status with Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, has a minimum of 10 years cumulative membership in Texas Society of Professional Surveyors, and is at least 65 years old. Join Now

Affiliate - An Affiliate Member is any person not registered under Article 5282c and any amendments thereto, who is interested in advancing the aims of the Society. Affiliate members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office in the Society or in a local chapter except the office of Secretary/Treasurer. Join Now

Sustaining (Company Membership) - Sustaining membership shall be limited to companies interested in the advancement of the surveying profession in the State of Texas and the advancement of the aims of the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors. Dues for Sustaining memberships shall be initially set by the Board of Directors of the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors and after initially being set shall be revised according to Article VI of the Bylaws. This category of membership shall not be entitled to vote or hold office. Sustaining members shall be entitled to: (1) First choice of exhibit space at annual convention. (2) Receipt of all newsletters, magazines and directories. (3) A discount on advertising in The Texas Surveyor and a series of free business card ads. Join Now

NSPS MEMBER (Required for RPLS Members of TSPS, Optional for other categories) - TSPS approved a new AOA (Articles of Affiliation) with the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) providing NSPS membership to all RPLS members of TSPS at a required fee of $40. The $40 membership with NSPS is optional but available for other TSPS member categories including: Geospatial; Associate/Surveyor in Training; Affiliate; and Retired/Inactive. Student members of TSPS may join NSPS through the AOA for an annual fee of $10.

(Dues are not deductible as charitable contributions, however, they may be deducted as a trade or business expense. Nine percent (9%) of your TSPS dues and 10% of your NSPS dues are to be used for lobbying activities and therefore are not deductible. Consult your tax advisor.)

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